My granddaughter is in daycare in NH and I am located on Cape Cod. You can imagine the joy of logging in and taking a peek at our little girl throughout the day. My first day attempting to log in I ran into one problem after another. I used the contact us form, sent out a note for help and within 15 minutes I had my help!

A young man named Eric, stayed with me with great patience guiding me through some checks. Eric and I exchanged over 10 emails until I called it quits for the night. First thing today, Eric was contacting me for another check. He brought in Jason who logged into my computer, searched, and corrected some of my software enabling me to log right into the daycare site.

I had multiple copies of of things, boxes checked and unchecked, I am sure some of the other Grams & Papas out there understand exactly what I am saying. So, thank you young men for helping out a Gram on the Cape! I appreciate this more than you can know.