The founders of Share in My Day strongly believe that families are missing out on special moments in their children’s lives. To resolve this dilemma, we’re inspired by our love for our own children and therefore motivated to develop a system, allowing families to share in their children’s activities each and every day.

View and enjoy watching your children throughout the day via our secure service. Developed specifically for use in the childcare industry, Share in My Day’s streaming video provides families with the opportunity to securely view their children online.

Share in My Day recognizes that there are many moments in time; whether at family events, sports games, or other milestones in business and personal life that are very important, yet often missed due to circumstances. Simply put, people need access, with their own tools, to capture those moments and stay connected to family, friends, and other loved ones. Share in My Day will continue to look ahead at the diverse ways to deliver these moments to you, in a comfortable, secure and rewarding fashion.

Share in My Day stands for honoring the moments in your life and the lives of your loved ones. We are committed to providing our services with exemplary trust, integrity and responsibility as our foundation. We will demonstrate quality and consistency in any of our endeavors. As we