Lisa S. Director/Owner - Polka Dots Child Care Center
As the director/owner of a new child care center the concept behind Share In My Day has been warmly received by parents. Many of our families are experiencing placing their child in a child care setting for the first time and it gives them a sense of comfort to know they can "peek" into their child's day through a secure network. The teaching staff at our center enjoy the comfort of knowing...

Erin H. Director Creative Kidz Academy, FL
When we decided to put cameras in our center we started looking around for a reputable company. Share in my Day was the company that stood out the most. So we scheduled an appointment for them to come to the school. We haven’t regretted our decision one bit.

Eric and Jason came out during the day and we discussed where to put the cameras. They came back near closing time and I left...

Creative Kidz Academy, FL Enrollment Numbers
Camera Install and Live Web Feed

S. O'Connor, Parent
“I love watching my child’s teacher interacting with her. I truly understand how much they do all day long” S. O’Connor

J. Andle, Teacher
“Having the cameras in my room makes me aware of everything I do. I am a better teacher because of them.” J. Andle