Claire Murdough, Parent
I think it speaks volumes about the confidence of the staff when a daycare center commits to this service. I’ve never questioned the quality of care that my daughter receives, but is nice to see that is she getting the best care while we’re at work. I now get to enjoy seeing what she is doing throughout the day. One day there was a puppet show at the day care. I got to see a little of the show...

Bethany of Brentwood, NH
Running wonderfully! Wow, it's fast! I also like having the ability to switch rooms (the new quick menu) right above the picture, it's easier than going back and forth through windows. Thanks again, it's working great!

Denise of Cape Cod
My granddaughter is in daycare in NH and I am located on Cape Cod. You can imagine the joy of logging in and taking a peek at our little girl throughout the day. My first day attempting to log in I ran into one problem after another. I used the contact us form, sent out a note for help and within 15 minutes I had my help! A young man named Eric, stayed with me with great patience...

Trish T. Parent
My child currently attends Polka Dots in Stratham, NH and we LOVE the Share In My Day service they provide! Sincerely, Trish

Maria E. Parent, Polka Dots Child Care Center
It really is a wonderful feature and takes the anxiety out of being away from my baby all day. It helps me settle in to work, knowing that I can see him whenever I want! I am a big fan! Thank you so much!

L. Gilliard, Parent
I have seen my child roll over, sit-up, and start to crawl all because of the video cameras in my child’s room. Thankx Share In My Day

J. Dudley, Parent
“ I live in Alaska. I finally get to see my granddaughter everyday” J. Dudley

J. MacNeil, Parent
“I ask my child what he did today at school everyday. He always says I don’t know or nothing. After watching the cameras I can have better conversations with him about the activities he did at school.” J.MacNeil