Share In My Day provides the smoothest possible experience for Child Care Centers who wish to be a part of our network. There are no upfront costs to a child care center. We will provide the equipment, installation and ongoing support free of charge and offer you consultation services on how to maximize the revenue of your center using our service.

Demonstrate your superior service.

Childcare research shows that more than three quarters of parents using childcare services selected a child care provider based on the level of quality that they sensed their daycare would provide. The Share in My Day online video system lets your parents see for themselves. Best of all, parents are willing to pay for the added peace of mind that comes along with a Share in My Day system. By implementing an included parent subscription fee, the Share in My Day system will pay for itself.

Determine if Share In My Day is right for your center.

Schedule a free, no obligation parent polling at your child care center today, and you'll be overwhelmed by the positive parent responses. On average over 90% of parents polled have said they would select a child care provider with an online video system installed over another provider. Over 75% agreed, they would be willing to pay higher fees for this added convenience and peace of mind.

Don't wait any longer. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits our service can provide.

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